Trial Experience / Criminal Law

With over 20 years of courtroom experience, J.B. Miller has tried almost every kind of case there is. With a high success rate in trial both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, J.B. Miller has proven his ability to win cases.

While serving as District Attorney for one of the busiest districts in the State of Oklahoma, J.B. Miller gained invaluable information and insight into the workings of the prosecutorç—´ mind, investigative techniques and the judicial system.

As a Defense Attorney J.B. has learned that not all cases are as difficult as they seem and using his experience on both sides of the courtroom he has gained unequaled knowledge in seeking the truth and finding a just outcome to any legal matter.

When your freedom and reputation are in question you want to retain an attorney with proven success in the courtroom. I am available for a free initial consultation and continued meetings when needed and I ALWAYS return your phone call. I maintain a low volume practice that allows me more time to meet with my clients, prepare and explore every defense available, and give full attention to the needs of my clients. I will meet with you at the jail if necessary and will assist you in obtaining a reasonable bail.

Family Law

Mr. Miller has represented many clients in family law matters. Dissolution of Marriage, post divorce matters, custody and child support issues all require experience and a personal understanding of the emotional and financial aspects of this area of practice. His experience in these matters help the client understand the intricate issues often not contemplated by the client or other counsel.

Personal Injury Cases

We recently settled a personal injury case for the maximum limits available from an interstate trucking company for the injuries and damages our client suffered from the 18 wheeler driver's negligence. I will not settle a case of this type without approval from the client and obtaining all funds available from the negligent party's sources.

About Our Offices

Our offices are located at 118 E. Carl Albert Parkway in McAlester, OK. We are directly across the street from the Pittsburg County Courthouse with easy access to the courthouse and parking.

But we are also only a phone call away from any courthouse in the State. With state of the art communications and electronic filing systems, I have 24 hour a day access to my files from any location.

Current technology allows me to access court files and pleadings via electronic communication and the internet, so important information about your case can be obtained instantaneously.